Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Zoo Tycoon

I have got this game called Zoo Tycoon. You have to make a zoo and as you make it you go up through levels. Each level has a few more animals and entertainment added to the game. You can get balloon shops, teddy shops. The places the animals live in you can get a small medium or big. Each one has a particular level you need to be or over. The levels you need to be is ten or under.

In this game you can also have small places for small animals to live in such as koalas, turtles and lizards. In the big ones you can get animals such as chimpanzees giraffes and elephants. For the big ones you can get toys like slides and scratching posts but each toy the animal must be able to use. The small ones it comes with a cleaning station and food but the big ones you must get the cleaning station and food.

You also can choose the name of the animals but you have choice of names. You can also get cleaners and breeding people.

Zoo Tycoon picture

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