Monday, 22 May 2017

Grandma and Grandad's

When Harry and Daddy and Mummy were going to watch the new Harry Potter show I went  to Grandma and Grandads. I was very good they bought me a magazine that came with a fairy her name is Daisy when we went to pay I got another packet that came with a fairy called Tiana. They light in the sun.

I went to the playground it was fun. I went to the bird show it was very sunny and I stroked an owl and saw some baby owls.

Child stroking an owl

For dinner I had cheese and toast and some beans. For lunch we ate outside I had a sandwich with butter inside and chocolate fingers and 1 chocolate biscuit. It was a fun day. Then I had a bath but not hair wash then it was night time.

I did school reading then Mummy and Daddy and Harry came back. We drove home and put me in my old bed. I was very tired. I did some sewing and made a teddy but not soft his name is Percy. It was a lovely day. The end.


  1. What a lovely day you had! Auntie Anna xxx

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed your day Mia. For mummy, she didn't just have chocolate (well a bit) she also had healthy fruit!