Friday, 14 April 2017

My hot holiday

It was very hot. Mummy got sun burnt on both of her legs. There was a swimming pool.There was a nice beach I wore my swimming costume there. There was a place for mini disco and thats where you do dancing.

Child on holiday with diary

There was nice food like carrots and cucumber and tomatoes and crackers and peppers and spaghetti. There was really nice pizza. Sometimes we go and sit on a sun lounger and do colouring books or our ipads or reading books.

There was a pirate play area.

Pirate play area

There were some nice squirrels. They were really really really cute and I bought a postcard of a squirrel. Also I bought a teddy it was a goat. I pretended to have a ride on it.

We went on a really really really long walk to a lighthouse. We didn't get to look inside. On the way to the lighthouse there was a really long bridge. I cut myself.

I saw my teaching assistant. She was at the same place in Fuerteventura. There was a kids club and the end of mini disco we give out the certificates for kids club. Also we had Starky and Stella coming out. Also we have Bernie Bear and a big giraffe.


  1. Sounds lik a great holiday xx

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Mia! Love from Auntie Anna xx